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FAQ - Using the Character Folio

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Is the Character Folio a character generator?
No. Character Folio will set up a the framework of a character for you when you start a new character (dependent on the character sheet) but rolling the dice, figuring out your scores, etc, that's all up to you. Personally, we like sitting at table and rolling 4d6 or figuring out what points go where so we made the decision to not put that sort of auto-calc into the Character Folio.

Does Character Folio support versioning?
Character Folio does not support versioning of characters - meaning if you have bad sense of judgement and start hanging out with wights or your 7th gen vamp somehow becomes a 16th gen daywalker Character Folio will not have the previous "super" you saved. How you wish to build and maintain the character is up to you. We do have a very powerful notes feature which could be used to track what happens to the character over time.
(note: we do want to support templates in the near-ish future and thru those we may add a form of self-managed versioning)

How do I create custome "x" ... where "x" is a class, skill, race, etc?
Character folio is set up to handle anything you can think of (or if it isn't then tell us and we'll make it so).Each section of the folio has a custom option normally located at the bottom of the new item list which can be accessed by the ‘+’ buttons. Select the custom option and a menu will appear with all the fields available for the item you want to add. Fill in as many or as few of those fields as you like and press the Add button. A second way of making custom entries can be done by selecting something in the add list and then edit it to what you want it to be. This can sometimes save some typing. To edit an existing entry simply add a the entry to the section from the add menu then select the entry to display its details. Once you are in the item details you should see that the ‘+’ button is now replaced with an ‘Edit’ button. Select Edit and you will see the custom menu which is populated with the entry's current data. Edit the fields you want and save it by selecting the Save button.

Why is "x" missing ... where "x" is some piece of data that is in other sources
There is a lot of data in a character sheet and not a whole lot of space to show it. Touch AC, CMB calculation, Saves, etc ... are all in the Character Folio and accessed by touching the the label field. If you don't see what you are looking for try touching around on things. Many of the labels display additional data or can be used to bring up alternate menus for handing the field they are associated to.

How do weapon calculations (attack and such) work?
The weapon attack calculations are fairly easy to use once you get used to the mechanic. By touching the weapon you want to equip on the main page it will put a check mark by it and will show you the calculated statistics. If the attacks don’t show up or are showing up incorrectly the first thing you should check for is do you have too many weapons equipped? Auto calculation is based on two weapon fighting and will not function if you try to equip three one-handed or two two-handed weapons or two ranged. Sorry all you Thri-Keen types ... you aren't in our calculations at this time. BUT, the Character Folio never tries to get in the way of your game so we have built the weapon system to handle any combination you want. In order to use combinations which are outside the normal rule set simply go to the weapon’s edit menu and enter in the correct attacks and damage. When you equip the weapon now it will show your entered statistics instead of the auto calculations and will disregard any rules for equipping so the Thri-keen warrior (or three armed dwarf) is now ready to rock!

What if I think the auto-calculations are wrong?
Most of the logic needed to calculate a character’s traits is included in the Character Folio. However, there are some things that are not accounted for yet. If you are unsure if the calculation is correct simply touch the label next to the stat to see the number break down. If the number is wrong simply select the text box and change it to the correct number. You will notice when you do this the text changes to blue. This is done to help you keep track of what fields you edited manually. To reset the stat simply touch the label and select the reset button. Other areas like adding in bonuses from Feats or magical buffs are still in design and you will have to manually keep track of them (use the notes section!). If you do notice areas where the calculations are off please contact us and let us know so we can get them fixed in the next release.

Does Character Folio allow page swiping?
The menu can be a great way to navigate but when you are always in portrait it can be slow getting around quickly. Luckily the Character Folio also allows for page swiping. Since most of the tables already use a single finger swipe for a delete; in order to use a page swipe you will need to use two (or more) fingers for page turning with a swipe. Just place multiple digits on the iPad and swipe normally... Shazam! you're swiping pages.

How do I add meta-magic feats?
You can add meta-magic feats to spells in two different ways. One way to apply meta-magic feats directly to the spell by editing the spell (remember, in Character Folio, just about everything is customizable!). However, an easier way to add meta-magic is to select the ‘+’ button on the last spell book page and find the spell you want to add the meta-magic to. After you select the spell a menu will appear asking if you want to add a meta-magic effect. This will also add on the meta-magic text to the description of the spell and load it into your spell book as a meta-magic spell.

How do I get my bonus spells to show?
To see your bonus spells for your Sorcerer/Wizard School/Oracle Mystery/etc add the school/mystery/etc to your spell book and this will active activate the bonus spells

Why is some of the text blue some of the time?
Blue is the way the Character Folio lets you know you have done an override on an auto calculated field. If you see the blue text that means that field is reading what you entered and you will need to reset the field to get auto calculation to occur again. Most field can be reset by touching the label next to the field and a reset button will appear. Other fields can be reset by simply clearing the data in the field. If your weapon attacks/damage turns blue you need to clear the data in the attacks and/or bonus field next to damage in the weapon’s edit menu on the equipment page. We just want to identify those overrides to you - BUT - not stop you. Our view is that good gaming will have many times when you are outside the rules and our goal is to never limit that! (the one exception to this is when you are overloaded encumbrance-wise ... we show "immobile" as blue text - mostly because I (Lenny) am red/green color blind and shy away from red)

How do I add magic weapons/armour?
When selecting weapons and armour there is a full listing of magic items available near the bottom of the first menu. If you item isn’t listed in the magic item list you can still add it by selected an appropriate non-magic version of the item and editing

How do I add masterwork weapons/armour?
Much like making a magic weapon or magical armour you first start by adding the non-magic version to your equipment. Once the item is added then edit the weapon/armour by selecting it and pressing the edit button in the upper right corner. For masterwork weapons they receive a plus one to hit but not damage. To accomplish this, enter a 1 in the “Misc Hit” field. For armour masterwork attribute reduces the armour penalty by 1. This field can be similarly changed by editing the “Armor Check Penalty” field. Lastly, don’t forget to add the work “Masterwork” to the “Name” field.

Why do you say "armour" instead of "armor"?
Because one of the founding members prefers it with a "u" ... yeah we know

Do you support older versions of d20?
Currently the 3.75 (aka Pathfinder) sheet does not support other versions. However, if you are playing 3.0 or 3.5 the differences in game mechanics are minimal and it is possible since the Character Folio’s rules are very loosely enforced that you can make the sheet work with those systems. In the future we hope to release specific sheets geared to older versions.

App is CRASHING ... now what?
If the app is crashing we know of one specific reason why and a couple general things to check. Click the "Read More" to see further info. But above all, CONTACT US. We will work directly with you to diagnose and resolve.
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