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Character Folio Release Notes

Postby admin » Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:47 pm

v1.0.1 released to iTunes August 1st, 2011 with support for d20 3.75

v1.0.2 released August 5th, 2011
  • Fixed bug causing wizard schools to crash
  • Fixed issue with magic item bonus not saving correctly
  • Fixed several minor touch interface issues
  • Added max ranks to skills
  • Added combat feats listing

v1.0.3 released September 9th, 2011
  • Ranger and Paladin spells are now showing bonus spells correctly
  • Negative ability score modifiers are now calculated correctly
  • Editing menus now re-size after keyboard goes away so buttons are visible
  • Fixed Oracle skills; mysteries should now apply to correct class skills (note: this will require adding the mystery again to class features
  • Multiples of the same Feat are now possible (e.g., Fleet Feat)
  • Spell Quick List is now saving state correctly

  • Weapon auto-attack calcuations now functional when weapons are equipped
  • Monk unarmed-attacks and flurry-attacks are now functional
  • Added additional fields to weapons to track bonuses and handle custom rules/intelligence
  • Domain powers, bloodline powers, order powers and school powers are now automatically added to the class features when the appropriate domain, bloodline, order or school is added.
  • All spell lists are now alphabetized for easier searching
  • Gear weight now adjusts for small size when added if item can (requires small race feature)
  • Armor weight adjusts for small and large size when added (requires small/large race feature)
  • Added ability to do temporary ability scores (... touch the abilities label to bring up the temp score menu)
  • Feats that require selection now prompt with choices (e.g., Skill Focus)
  • Coins are now calculated into weight
  • Gold value now on equipment detail
  • APG Barbarian rage powers added
  • All core prestige classes added
  • Add Magus spells
  • Witch hexes now available
  • Spell book memorization indicator added for Magus, Wizard and Alchemist to track which spells are in the spellcaster's book
  • Changed "Hair" to "Hair/Eyes"
  • Removed the ads

v1.0.4 released October 6th, 2011
  • Fixed a crash issue with the Assassin prestige class
  • Misc hit and damage bonuses on weapons should now be applying to the correct fields
  • Forewarned wizard ability now calculates into initiative correctly
  • Fixed issue with rest buttons not correctly refreshing spells
  • Changed many numeric fields to now correctly bring up the number keyboard
  • Fixed incorrect spell text on several spells

  • Added new app icons

v1.0.5 released November 29th, 2011
  • Fixed issue causing Monks to crash when unarmed strike was added to weapons
  • Fighter’s base attack bonus for level 2 was corrected
  • Adjusted Notes page view so bottom of text is not cut off
  • Fixed several spell text entries
  • Favored class skill bonus now applies to more than one class when more than one is selected
  • Half elf race feature Skill Bonus now correctly adds a feat
  • Corrected CMB not updating for custom entered base attack bonus
  • Corrected Fortitude and Will saves to update for temporary ability bonuses

  • Added all player available races from Bestiary 1 and 2
  • Added option to race features menu to remove all currently selected race features
  • Added spell book icon to witch spell list for familiar spells
  • Added a copy feature to character menu for making backup copies of characters

v1.0.6 released December 7th, 2011
  • Fixed landscape mode issue where screen was getting cut off

v1.0.7 released February 6th, 2012
  • Fixed crash when monk class was equipping unarmed attacks.
  • Fixed crash when favored class bonus was edited.
  • Fixed cleric class skills so perception is no longer a class skill.
  • Fixed sorcerer bloodline bonus spells from getting added too early.
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