Sean Fannon  has unleashed some more awesomeness for his famous, epic high fantasy setting Shaintar!  You can check out all the details in on their Kickstarter page:

Because we at Darktheatre love all table-top RPG goodness we had to get in on the action and give some support to Sean, his creation and his amazing fans.  We knew the Kickstarter was already well into the planning phase by the time we got wind of it so while we couldn't be an "official" part of it we had to do something.  After a few conversation with Sean and his wonderful team we came up with a plan.

Once Sean's Kickstarter gets fully funded (which should be pretty darn soon based on the funding trend so far), Darktheatre will plan on producing a Shaintar character sheet for our Character Folio app!

We'll be pulling in all of the Shaintar character skills, races, powers, etc and implementing them with our "Just Enough Intelligence" character sheet design to allow everyone the chance to build, develop and customize your Shaintar characters.

Our app is built so you can manage your character without interrupting the game and, less face it, when you'e building epic, legend makers and breakers you cannot have the tools get in the way.

So get out to the Kickstarter, show your support and get ready to shake the pillars of heaven