Darktheatre will be releasing its first adventure, Iryul's Tower. Set in the Darktheatre world of Avalon, Iryul's Tower is an adventure for 3-6 PC's all 1st-3rd level. The PC's journey to the remote town of Hills Pass and are pulled into the mystery and adventure that grips the town.

From town to forest, highways to swamps and into the depths of a lich's tower this is an adventure framework with enough detail to run it as-is and straight-thru but with the purpose of giving the GM and the players the freedom to explore and tell their own stories within the adventure.


Darktheatre produces adventures, rules and other source material for it's world of Avalon. A fantasy world set at the crossroads of magic, horror and industrial breakthru; Avalon is designed to be the world that players and GM's can shape to their own styles of adventures.