We. Love. Gaming!

Welcome and hello. Darktheatre LLC is a company based in the land that invented gaming (Wisconsin) dedicated to creating applications, games, adventures and source for the tabletop rpg gaming market (and I'm hoping that's you).

"Nooooo!", you say. "You are not allowed!"
"Oh yes. Oh yes indeed", we reply.
"But why? Why!?", you cry.
"For the humanoids", we reply. "Always for the humanoids".

... right ...OK - so maybe I was beginning to get a bit off topic... Look, it boils down to this ... games, gaming tools and gaming source; for you; the person who LOVES to game. Tools and source to be accessed electronically. Mobiletronically actually (look it up, its very much a word). Tablets specifically. Because when tablets came along all of sudden it became clear that they were the perfect device for gaming. From tools to notes to source, the tablet could contain it all. Campaigns, adventures, worlds, characters, rules, boardgames, graphics, sounds ... the boundaries are near infinite. I'm freaking out just thinking about it.


Where we are starting is with an application for the iPad for keeping track of your characters. Like a folder. Like that folder you've always had that has a bunch of character sheets and notes in it because PC's kick-ass. Especially cool ones. You know the folder I'm talking about. That folder (your folder) is our app and we call it the Character Folio. A way to manage, save and edit your character just like it was paper. It'll start out with a couple of games in there, d20 and Savage Worlds. More will follow. And then more apps. Stuff like ... well, I can't say yet because, psst, the golem is listening. But trust me, it'll be cool too.


The other place we're starting is with an adventure called Iryul's Tower. A d20 adventure built for 1st level characters and taking place in the Darktheatre World of Avalon (though you can set it into any world you have). The PC's will find themselves in a town called Hills Pass during the return of an ancient enemy. Built as a framework to encourage the GM and players to tell their own stories, Iryul's Tower is a fully detailed adventure with options and choices. You'll love it. I did. I lived too. Booyah!


So welcome fellow gamer (if you're still reading this you HAVE to be a gamer). Check us out.  Tabletop games RULE and we're building stuff for you! If you plan to be at GenCon look for us (no more sneak attacks please), we'll gladly talk about the app, the adventures, our ideas, your ideas, cool costumes, boardgames or your 24th level 1/2 minotaur 1/2 drow uber mage (we like to talk). Come find us. Or head on over to Facebook and tell us what you think.