12. Why is the text blue?

Blue is the way the Character Folio lets you know you have done an override on an auto calculated field. If you see the blue text that means that field is reading what you entered and you will need to reset the field to get auto calculation to occur again. Most field can be reset by touching the label next to the field and a reset button will appear. Other fields can be reset by simply clearing the data in the field. If your weapon attacks/damage turns blue you need to clear the data in the attacks and/or bonus field next to damage in the weapon’s edit menu on the equipment page. We just want to identify those overrides to you - BUT - not stop you. Our view is that good gaming will have many times when you are outside the rules and our goal is to never limit that!

(the one exception to this is when you are overloaded encumbrance-wise ... we show "immobile" as blue text - mostly because I (Lenny) am red/green color blind and shy away from red)