Savage Worlds!!


Latest Version 2.0 - SAVAGE WORLDS!

Our latest version, v2.0 is now out at Apple iTunes - our first big feature addition; we've added a Savage Worlds character sheet.

This has all the features of the 3.75 sheet with slide in source, just the right amount of intelligence, multiple pages including a portrait page for in-depth characters 

We recognize we've been a bit behind schedule in getting this out there but we've put alot of effort into this sheet and we are looking forward to your feedback. LET US KNOW; what do you like? What bugs did we miss? What can we do better? 
Tell us about your games and how the Character Folio impacts it (or better yet; doesn't impacts but integrates). 
Our mission is to provide the coolest tablet tools for the tabletop. Tools that don't interrupt what we think is the coolest hobby on the planet. Tools that enhance the game and take it that next step. 
Its been awesome working and playing in the Savage Worlds. Enjoy!!

Find it at iTunes App Store