GenCon Fun and Reality Blurs!

Well, the Darktheatre crew made it to and from GenCon without any problems. Unless of course you count Bill breaking his foot less than a week before the trip and then having to hobble about GenCon on crutches or a cane the whole time. A down point for the crew was that this year we were without our Captain, Lenny (not pictured below), and the group was mighty sad about it.

Where's Lenny?BUT we are gamers and by Odin’s eye we would not let a missing teammate bring us down for long! So, as a tribute to Lenny we pushed forward with gusto! We bought games by the bag-load, talked to industry pros, met some cool artists, ran into old friends, laughed at foolishness and were awed by greatness. We never got lost for more than 15 min during our drive back to the hotel, and somehow we managed to cut the drive time to and from GenCon by over half an hour each way. Which makes no sense unless we figured out how to bend space and time. So, I assume we figured out how to bend space and time. As I said, it’s the only thing that makes sense (I also suggest signing up to be on our side now ‘cause we have some definite ideas on how to use these powers)

On a personal note I (Brett aka Fafhrd– the guy in the Guinness hat above) would like to point out that I was on the winning side of every board game we played during GenCon! Not that I’m trying to rub that in but I’m trying to rub that in. Just for. the. record. I Won. Me. Are you writing this down? That’s Brett with two t’s. Excellent.

In spite of my ruthlessly crushing all who opposed me at board games, the rest of the Darktheatre crew had a dang good time.  We witnessed first hand that our hobby is NOT DEAD! I don’t care what any industry expert has to say about it. Gamers surrounded us for 4 days – GenCon broke attendance records again this year as 40,000+ gamers descended on Indy to celebrate 45 years of GenCon. Seeing the crowds around the vendor hall, and watching the gamers eagerly buying, talking gaming, gaming in the halls and attending seminars and workshops tells me that there’s no school like the Old School when it comes to gaming. Of course technology has a place in our hobby (Character Folio!) but its can be forged into the tools that support and nourish the table top gaming soul. Yes. We are that passionate about this.

One of the highlights for Darktheatre this year at GenCon was attending the Pinnacle Seminar to not only hear what is coming up for Savage Worlds and other Pinnacle goodness but Shane of Pinnacle gave us a chance to talk about our Character Folio and we got to announce Darktheatre’s partnership with Reality Blurs!

As you know, we put out the Savage Worlds sheet for our Character Folio a couple of months ago and now we’ve an agreement with Sean Preston of Reality Blurs to capture their Savage Worlds settings in our app. We’re starting with their Realms of Cthulhu setting (anticipated to be out by Oct, 2012 – That’s next month people!) and we will be moving on to the rest of their settings after that. We’ll most likely get their Ennie Nominated Agents of Oblivion setting next.

The Darktheatre crew saw a lot of iPads at GenCon this year – more than we remember from last year. And I personally saw a number of folks with our app on their iPads (which kicks ass!) so I’d like to thank everyone out there who has our app, talks about it, uses it at your regular table top games and at places like GenCon and turns folks on to it.

I’ve said it before: Our customers are awesome. We get great feedback, good insight and true “battle tested” opinions from real gamers who use our app. We’re doing our best to keep our app on top and we’ve got a number of enhancements coming in the near future. All that feedback you send it is important to us so please keep it coming!

Now I’m off to buy a new bookshelf. I’ve apparently purchased enough stuff at the auction this year to require more shelf space. My wife is gonna kill me…