GenCon 2013 - The Good Guys


I know I'm a bit late with this post-GenCon write up but... well... I don't have any excuse that you want to hear so I'll just get to it.

The DT crew hit GenCon this year and did much the same as we do every year: Spent a lot of money in the dealer hall and the auction, got all sorts of goodies (snagged a D&D White Box!) and did our best to network a bit.  Oh yeah, and we had a lot of fun drinking the GenCon beer (as you can see).

I was able to track down Sean Patrick Fannon of Shaintar fame and present him with a special DT shirt that I had made for him and his kickstarter crew.  In spite of being horribly tired from a very long evening out, Sean made time to talk with me and our lead developer about Shaintar, our app development methods and even pitched our app to a friend of his who happened to be walking by.  Sean is one of the good guys in the industry.  I'm very glad I had a chance to get that bear hug and tell him congrats in person.

Got to spend a little bit of time talking with Ed Healy of the Gamerati.  I tell you, Ed and the whole Gamerati team continue to be a valuable resource for getting the DT name out on the web.  I was able to get Ed a DT shirt and he even wore it to an event for me.  Another one for the Good Guy list!

I was also able to connect in person with a long time DT supporter Erik Frankhouse (Erik is already on the Good Guy list). Erik has the distinction for being the guy to connect DT with our first Gaming Industry contacts and for being the first DT fan to keep me up until 3:45am.  Spent hours with him and some of his friends and we talked about everything from a DT Kickstarter to gamer war stories to what sucked and what's good on Netflix.  I was one tired guy the next day but it was worth it.  Oh yeah, and I was also finally able to get Erik a DT shirt (2 actually) as well - I'd promised him a shirt a year ago and finally was able to make good on it.


One of the best parts of GenCon this year was the hotel.  The crew and I sprung for a room in the Crowne Plaza - Which made for an awesome location and an interesting story.

My buddy Zave and I were sharing a room and Thursday when we came back to the room to dump off our loot and get some dinner we found we were locked out.  Turns out the lock mechanism failed and they had to drill it out and replace the entire lock.  Took 'em a little over 2 hours.

To make it up to us the hotel manager sat Zave and I, along with our other two DT folks, in the hotel restaurant and said with a genuine smile, "I'll cover half of your dinner and all your drinks.  So if I were you I'd get top shelf."  Not ones to argue we dove in, ate our fill and drank (more than) our share.  Hell of a good time.

The DT crew also got an awesome surprise.  The folks at Gygax Magazine weren't sure if they could get our ad in issue #2 or if they'd have to wait for us to get in on #3.  As it turned out they were able to make it happen for us.  Right on the table of contents page too!  We're very proud to be a (small) part of Gygax Magazine history.

Well, that's the long and short of it. Can't wait for the next Con!