Our mantra is simple: Don't interrupt the game.

We believe an app should be as easy to use and as functional and flexible to use as pen and paper. Every core rule book out there worth it's title has something along the lines of "these are the rules but you can do anything you want, just have fun". We have designed that "Golden Rule of Gaming" into our Character Folio.

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Every gamer who's has played more than one session is familiar with house rules. If the GM says an 18 strength gets a +10 bonus then a character sheet should allow that (a paper one certainly would). If a Keeper says your sanity can be higher than [100 - your Mythos %], who are we to say "no it can't"? The Character Folio not only supports this kind of play; it was designed for it.

 An app with just enough smarts to make it something you want to use and with enough freedom and flexibility to be something you keep using. 


  bullet-redMultiple character sheets & multiple games

bullet-redJust enough intelligence

 bullet-redNative iOS code for speed and functionality (

it rotates!!)

bullet-redSlide in SRD reference material (for supported games)

 bullet-redInput and save your own custom equipment, feats, etc

 bullet-redSupports full size character portraits

 bullet-redSupports Savage Worlds and d20 3.75 

01ssMainPort 03ssEquipmentPort Abilities page with slide-in reference, portrait mode05ssSpellsPort 
04ssCompPort sw01main sw02powers sw03equipment
Customer Quotes

This would be my tool of choice over my customized Excel sheet.

Your spell system rocks, jaw dropping amazing.
- Buckeye

I am really impressed with your Character Folio, and its exactly what I was looking for in a character sheet app
- Sarah

Your app stopped me from using pen and paper I love this app
- Ted

Custom Character Portraits

Professionally Drawn Custom Character Illustrations. Fast Delivery. No Detail Missed. Revised Until You're Satisfied.
Perfect addition for the Character Folio.

Illustrations start at just $15.

Knute Faust the MightyHavak-tor
(Knute Marigold: Griffon of the City of Avalon, Faust the Mighty: Master Transmuter and Havak-tor: Half-orc mercenary of Hill's Pass)