DT LaunchesDarktheatre LLC launches and we are on target for our August release of the Character Folio and Iryul's Tower. Strangely enough that's the same time we'll be down at GenCon Indy. No, we don't have a booth or anything at GenCon but if you see us, lets talk we'll gladly show off Character Folio and run you thru Iryul's Tower.

Darktheatre LLC is the result of the work of three guys; Lenny, Brett and Alpha. Long time gamers and IT professionals the three decided to band together and see if they couldn't make this tablet thing happen. Never really satisfied with the electronic character sheets out on the market and seeing as how tablets were obviously made for the gaming table, it seemed natural to develop a character sheet and other tools for use at the tabletop. Iryul's Tower is a natural extension of that development and the beginnings of the Darktheatre World of Avalon. Combined, they will shake the very foundations of the multiverse ... or ... just provide some really fun times at the gaming table. Either way, keep watching this space for more news. We look forward to hearing what you think.