99. Who the blazes are Faust and Knute?

Knute and Faust are two PC's of Lenny and who both adventured in the Darktheatre World of Avalon, though Faust actually started somewheres else and sorta/kinda made his way to Avalon via Ravenloft ©. Both PC's were also some of the first PC's ever drawn up for Darktheatre LLC by RPGCharacterIllustrations.com.  Images and details one the "Read More" click



Faust is a half-breed (played as a human) Transmuter who grew up under the protective and belittling influence of his Green Hag mother who was local high priestess of magic for a large area of humanoids. Though mostly scorned, Faust lived in relative (and protective) comfort and thought such was his natural right. When he began adventuring he continued to wish for the lap of luxury while often telling everyone how smart he was. He was not much liked by the group; a point that he never quite understood.

Faust can be found in the first Darktheatre World of Avalon adventure, Iryul's Tower. 

Faust the Mighty

Knute Marigold (or Mary)

Human fighter (and recent cleric of Hermes) from the world and citystate of Avalon. As Griffin (local cop) of the dockward of that great city he had many adventures and many losses. Namely, nearly everyone he loved was eventually killed or ran off until finally, after defeating a great threat he left the great city of Avalon with his trusted friend Beecher (who was of the torturers guild and is sorta crazy but braver than anyone Knute has ever seen). The rest of their adventure still awaits. 

The art of Knute went thru several iterations. 

Knute in the beginning Knute at 3rd level