00. Release Notes

Character Folio v1.0.1 was released to iTunes August 1st, 2011

Character Folio v1.0.2 was released to iTunes August 5th, 2011

Character Folio v1.0.3 was released to iTunes Sept 9th, 2011

Character Folio v1.0.2 was released to iTunes August 5th, 2011

  • Fixed a bug causing wizard schools to crash 
  • Fixed issue with magic item bonus not saving correctly 
  • Fixed several minor interface issues 
  • Added max ranks to skills 
  • Added combat feats listing

Character Folio v1.0.3 will be released to iTunes early Sept 2011

Bugs Fixed:

  • Ranger and Paladin spells are now showing bonus spells correctly
  • Negative ability score modifiers are now calculated correctly
  • Editing menus now re-size after keyboard goes away so buttons are visible
  • Fixed Oracle skills; mysteries should now apply to correct class skills (note: this will require adding the mystery again to class features
  • Multiples of the same Feat are now possible (e.g., Fleet Feat)
  • Spell Quick List is now saving state correctly

Features Added:

  • Weapon auto-attack calcuations now functional when weapons are equipped
  • Monk unarmed-attacks and flurry-attacks are now functional
  • Added additional fields to weapons to track bonuses and handle custom rules/intelligence
  • Domain powers, bloodline powers, order powers and school powers are now automatically added to the class features when the appropriate domain, bloodline, order or school is added.
  • All spell lists are now alphabetized for easier searching
  • Gear weight now adjusts for small size when added if item can (requires small race feature)
  • Armor weight adjusts for small and large size when added (requires small/large race feature)
  • Added ability to do temporary ability scores (... touch the abilities label to bring up the temp score menu)
  • Feats that require selection now prompt with choices (e.g., Skill Focus)
  • Coins are now calculated into weight
  • Gold value now on equipment detail
  • APG Barbarian rage powers added
  • All core prestige classes added
  • Add Magus spells
  • Witch hexes now available
  • Spell book memorization indicator added for Magus, Wizard and Alchemist to track which spells are in the spellcaster's book
  • Changed "Hair" to "Hair/Eyes"
  • Removed the ads

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