Update Released (v1.0.2)

  Just returning from Gen Con 2011 (which was a blast!) and we have a new update out there with the following fixes...

  • Game field will no longer load Player field text.
  • Wizard schools will no longer crash app.
  • Removed school/domain logic from spell book.
  • Spell book buttons will be bigger and adjusted to far right.
  • Quick spell list format will match new spell book format.
  • Many number text fields which were in standard keyboard will have the numeric keyboard.
  • Bonus fields for weapons and armor will be available in the custom view for editing and are correctly adding and saving.
  • All the popovers which add items/skills/feats/etc will no longer close the popover after it adds but instead return to the first popover
  • Skills table will show the max skill ranks for reference.
  • Feats table will have another search option for just combat feats.


Additionally, we will update the Darktheatre site soon with a FAQ. New updates will continue to come out as we get items fixed/improved. Thank you to everyone for the support/info/ideas!!

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