04. How do I create custom "x"?

Character folio is set up to handle anything you can think of (or if it isn't then tell us and we'll make it so).Each section of the folio has a custom option normally located at the bottom of the new item list which can be accessed by the ‘+’ buttons. Select the custom option and a menu will appear with all the fields available for the item you want to add. Fill in as many or as few of those fields as you like and press the Add button.

A second way of making custom entries can be done by selecting something in the add list and then edit it to what you want it to be. This can sometimes save some typing. To edit an existing entry simply add a the entry to the section from the add menu then select the entry to display its details. Once you are in the item details you should see that the ‘+’ button is now replaced with an ‘Edit’ button. Select Edit and you will see the custom menu which is populated with the entry's current data. Edit the fields you want and save it by selecting the Save button.