06. Weapon calculations

The weapon attack calculations are fairly easy to use once you get used to the mechanic. By touching the weapon you want to equip on the main page it will put a check mark by it and will show you the calculated statistics. If the attacks don’t show up or are showing up incorrectly the first thing you should check for is do you have too many weapons equipped? Auto calculation is based on two weapon fighting and will not function if you try to equip three one-handed or two two-handed weapons or two ranged. Sorry all you Thri-Keen types ... you aren't in our calculations at this time. BUT, the Character Folio never tries to get in the way of your game so we have built the weapon system to handle any combination you want. In order to use combinations which are outside the normal rule set simply go to the weapon’s edit menu and enter in the correct attacks and damage. When you equip the weapon now it will show your entered statistics instead of the auto calculations and will disregard any rules for equipping so the Thri-keen warrior (or three armed dwarf) is now ready to rock!

Important reminder: when you enter anything into the attacks field or bonus field next to damage those manual entries will always take the place of any auto calculations, make sure these are empty if you want the system to do the work for you