If the app is crashing we know of one specific reason why and a couple general things to check. Click the "Read More" to see further info. But above all, CONTACT US. We will work directly with you to diagnose and resolve.

Behavior: Character Folio crashes when the app is rotated


Dx: If a portrait is loaded with non-standard characters in the file name (example: Wikipedia images will sometimes have commas in the file name) the app will begin to crash when rotated. 


Fix: We are working on ways of mitigating this behavior but until then ...

  1. Exit Character Folio and go into the iPad's Photos app
  2. Delete the photo that was added
  3. Reboot the iPad
  4. Rename the image file to a simple standard character based name (example: figh_of_tor.png)
  5. Reload the image (with its new name) back on to the iPad
  6. Start Character Folio and go to the Portrait page. Note: You will see your current portrait because Apple has this cached in some way
  7. Load a totally different file (this is just so you see the image change)
  8. Exit Character Folio
  9. Start Character Folio and go to the Portrait Page and select your newly named image.
  10. Voi la! That should be that. 


In General:

  • Make sure you iPad has the latest software. Sometimes fixing a crash can be as easy as updating the device
  • Make sure you have the latest Character Folio update. If we find issues with crashes those will always become priority for the fixing and we try to get them out as soon as possible in the next version. You can update the app by checking for updates at the iTunes store
  • If the first two are not doing it for you try deleting the character’s portrait. There is a known issue where sometimes a selected portrait which either has symbols in the name or is in an odd format and deleting it can sometimes take care of the issue
  • If nothing above has helped you may have found a new issue with the app. If this is the case we strongly encourage you to email us with what is happening and anything you can remember doing right before the crash started. We will look into the issue as soon as possible and get back to you with what we find out