weaponsI attack!!

Characters are great. History is awesome. Settings are where we play.... But when it comes right down to it, nothing satisfies that d20 urge like a good throwdown! And now, in this next release (soon!) Character Folio will have advanced weapon and Feat controls so you can min-max and TPG the hello Dolly out of the next troll you meet. 

We've put some serious work into the auto-calculations for weapons and attacks. Choose your weapons in the equipment page, edit and modify with the bonuses those deadly instruments have. Add your Combat Feats and tell the Character Folio how those Feats add to your bonuses. In the main page, touch the weapons to equip them and Presto! it's clobbering time. 

We've got a bunch of other nice enhancements coming along too, that you've reported and found as you have the app in a game. So Game On friends! We love hearing you are using the Character Folio at every game and we record every bug and feature request you send us so we can move it to the next release.