Release v1.0.3


Features and Bug Fixes

Our latest release is out! Weapon/attack calcs like never before. We've hooked up feats like Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization (note: if they are already on your character you need to remove them and re-add for the logic to kick in). We've got a spellbook indicator for those arcane casting types that require spell books; just touch the closed book to switch it to open and indicate the spell is in your spell book. We've added the Prestige Classes from the core book. We've fixed a bunch of bugs (no more seeing +'s in the skill section for trained skills if you don't have a rank in there) and  more. You can check the FAQ for the full list of the features/fixes. And we've got more to go - and you'll continue to see enhancements. However, we are going to work on the Savage Worlds character sheet a bit to get that into the Character Folio. While that happens we will collect issues/bugs/feature requests and get to work on them in the "in between" times (and, of course, keep a low profile so the Hounds of Tindalos don't see us there). 


(oh yeah ... and we took away the ads)

Full list of features and bugs can be found at the FAQ