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Written by Lenny Last Updated on Sunday, 25 September 2011 23:22


Hey Savages!!

We've begun work on the Savage Worlds character sheet and plan to have this in the Character Folio by late December (maybe earlier). This will be just like the 3.75 character sheet with fully referenced, slide-in/slide-out source and just enough intelligence coded right in. The Savage Worlds character sheet will be a free to any owners of Character Folio. 


Stay tuned as we begin to finalize this sheet. 


Release v1.0.3


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Monday, 05 September 2011 22:24


Features and Bug Fixes

Our latest release is out! Weapon/attack calcs like never before. We've hooked up feats like Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization (note: if they are already on your character you need to remove them and re-add for the logic to kick in). We've got a spellbook indicator for those arcane casting types that require spell books; just touch the closed book to switch it to open and indicate the spell is in your spell book. We've added the Prestige Classes from the core book. We've fixed a bunch of bugs (no more seeing +'s in the skill section for trained skills if you don't have a rank in there) and  more. You can check the FAQ for the full list of the features/fixes. And we've got more to go - and you'll continue to see enhancements. However, we are going to work on the Savage Worlds character sheet a bit to get that into the Character Folio. While that happens we will collect issues/bugs/feature requests and get to work on them in the "in between" times (and, of course, keep a low profile so the Hounds of Tindalos don't see us there). 


(oh yeah ... and we took away the ads)

Full list of features and bugs can be found at the FAQ




Written by Lenny Last Updated on Sunday, 04 September 2011 15:41

weaponsI attack!!

Characters are great. History is awesome. Settings are where we play.... But when it comes right down to it, nothing satisfies that d20 urge like a good throwdown! And now, in this next release (soon!) Character Folio will have advanced weapon and Feat controls so you can min-max and TPG the hello Dolly out of the next troll you meet. 

We've put some serious work into the auto-calculations for weapons and attacks. Choose your weapons in the equipment page, edit and modify with the bonuses those deadly instruments have. Add your Combat Feats and tell the Character Folio how those Feats add to your bonuses. In the main page, touch the weapons to equip them and Presto! it's clobbering time. 

We've got a bunch of other nice enhancements coming along too, that you've reported and found as you have the app in a game. So Game On friends! We love hearing you are using the Character Folio at every game and we record every bug and feature request you send us so we can move it to the next release. 


Update Released (v1.0.2)


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Monday, 08 August 2011 02:12

  Just returning from Gen Con 2011 (which was a blast!) and we have a new update out there with the following fixes...

  • Game field will no longer load Player field text.
  • Wizard schools will no longer crash app.
  • Removed school/domain logic from spell book.
  • Spell book buttons will be bigger and adjusted to far right.
  • Quick spell list format will match new spell book format.
  • Many number text fields which were in standard keyboard will have the numeric keyboard.
  • Bonus fields for weapons and armor will be available in the custom view for editing and are correctly adding and saving.
  • All the popovers which add items/skills/feats/etc will no longer close the popover after it adds but instead return to the first popover
  • Skills table will show the max skill ranks for reference.
  • Feats table will have another search option for just combat feats.


Additionally, we will update the Darktheatre site soon with a FAQ. New updates will continue to come out as we get items fixed/improved. Thank you to everyone for the support/info/ideas!!

Character Folio - Darktheatre LLC


Character Folio is Live


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 August 2011 04:19


It's official! The Character Folio is now LIVE on iTunes so you can now head out and download your copy! Once you've got the app and you've run it through its paces be sure to tell us what you think on our Facebook page, via our Contact Us page and we're not too proud to ask you to give us a good review on iTunes as well.

Our thanks to all of you who've shown your support for us and the app. We're certain that you'll like what you see. We’re looking to grow and improve our products so tell us what games you play and what character sheets you’d like to see added to the Character Folio. Your input will help us deliver what you’re looking for.  

Updates and Growth

In a late round of testing our beta testers uncovered a bug that needs correcting in the Wizards school area. Our app development guru dove in, corrected the issue and we've got an update already out to Apple to correct the problem. This free update will be available as soon as Apple approves it. We'll keep you posted for when the update is live.

The Savage Worlds character sheet is next up for the Character Folio. We'll be taking our "just enough intelligence" methods and applying them to the character sheet of one of the best game systems available. Our target delivery date is the end of October, 2011 so if you’re a player of Savage Worlds and can commit to regular feedback and detailed reports we’d like you as a beta tester; just contact us via the Darktheatre LLC website.

Let's Make it Happen

Table-top RPGs are our passion (seriously, it’s what we love) and we believe the tools you use should never get in the way of your game. “Just enough intelligence” is what any tool for the table-top RPG games should deliver.

Do you have a project you want to bring to the iPad to help expand the greatness that is table-top RPGs? If so, we’d love to talk to you on how we can help make that a reality. Contact us via the Darktheatre LLC website and let us know what you’ve got in mind.


Pre-Release Beta!!


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 August 2011 03:57

beta2-4Our ad is in Kobold Quarterly. Our latest and greatest version of the app is running on beta machines and we are prepping to have it in the App store by end of July.  We will launch with the d20 v3.75 sheet  and we have all the major intelligence finished, all the major reference done and working on some last minute design and UI changes.  The changes/additions to the spell reference are particularly powerful and should enhance any spellcaster's game. 

We will be down in GenCon as well ... so look us up if you get a chance!

* Launching at end of July

* Full featured d20 v3.75 character sheet

* Built for table-top gamers by table-top gamers!


Beta 2!


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Sunday, 17 July 2011 23:25

beta2-4Latest version of the Character Folio is now on our iPads. We'll be making a vid soon of the Character Folio in action after we code just a few minor tweaks so that it's ready for its screen debut. But for now you can see some of the screen shots below. Some major changes on this release are ...

* Page swipes
* Touch sensitive labels showing you the formula used for a stat and a reset button
* Languages added
* New table design with indexing


beta2-1 beta2-2 beta2-3


Beta Version


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 May 2011 00:22

03ssEquipmentPortGot the first beta versions of the Character Folio app loaded onto our iPads yesterday and loving it.  Equipment page, class features for d20 3.75  is very impressive with the slide-in/slide-out text and calc of weights. Can even add your own custom equipment or abilities.

Looking forward to wrapping up the next few plists and getting them into the app to see all the functionality in one place. As Erick Mona pointed out at Neocon a few years back, the future of pen and paper tabletop games will be enhanced by the electronic devices just coming out now and Darktheatre is looking forward to being the ones who get those apps out there into the hands of gamers. You are going to love this app!


Race Screenshots


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Saturday, 02 April 2011 00:30

Have some screenshots to show of how the SRD is being hooked into the app. These screenshots show the picking of race powers and how a user can drill down into the details. List on the actual page is scrollable and hooked into the SRD as well.  And, of course, you can add in your own custom powers. House rules should ALWAYS be allowed. If you're a half dwarf half orc and haven't been killed by your parents from either side then by all the mithril in the underdark you should get to pick what powers you have. The idea is to accomplish as much as possible with as few touches as possible. Character Folio is meant to be as easy to use a paper character sheet but with deeper levels of built-in detail and intelligence a paper record obviously cannot do. 

racess01sm racess02sm racess03sm racess04sm




Written by Lenny Last Updated on Sunday, 17 April 2011 22:08

DT LaunchesDarktheatre LLC launches and we are on target for our August release of the Character Folio and Iryul's Tower. Strangely enough that's the same time we'll be down at GenCon Indy. No, we don't have a booth or anything at GenCon but if you see us, lets talk we'll gladly show off Character Folio and run you thru Iryul's Tower.

Darktheatre LLC is the result of the work of three guys; Lenny, Brett and Alpha. Long time gamers and IT professionals the three decided to band together and see if they couldn't make this tablet thing happen. Never really satisfied with the electronic character sheets out on the market and seeing as how tablets were obviously made for the gaming table, it seemed natural to develop a character sheet and other tools for use at the tabletop. Iryul's Tower is a natural extension of that development and the beginnings of the Darktheatre World of Avalon. Combined, they will shake the very foundations of the multiverse ... or ... just provide some really fun times at the gaming table. Either way, keep watching this space for more news. We look forward to hearing what you think.  


GenCon 2011


Written by Lenny Last Updated on Saturday, 02 April 2011 00:34

GenCon Indy 2011We will be at GenCon Indy 2011. If you want to see the Character Folio in action, talk about gaming, play a session or six of Iryul's Tower (using Pathfinder rules) or just talk about how cool it is to be at GenCon, then keep an eye out for us (auction hall is our HQ) and follow our Facebook posts (they will tell you where we are, mostly) . The two of us that will be there look like these two guys ('cause we are these two guys)



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