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Vampire's Domain
Vampire's Domain

'Sin City is a A Vampire The Requiem game in Frank Miller's Basin City using White Wolf's New World of Darkness rules for the WGG and run by Time.
Campaign ran from ??? to ???.

First run of the NWoD Vampire The Requiem system using Frank Miller's Sin City GN as the Setting. All things considered it wasn't a bad game. Not one of the better ones, but it was a good look at the new system and the new Vamp setting. WGG found that while there were some good additions/changes to the system itself, the setting changes were found to be annoying more than original. Malkavian becomes Malkovian and other slight name spelling changes or changes to similar terms that served only to confuse the group.

If I do NWoD Vampire again I'll most likely take the original setting and use some of the new rules I like from the new system and run things that way. Best of both worlds and all that.

This was also a short story style game (see Game Master Styles) for the WGG.

Below you'll find the background info that I posted on DT and handed out to the WGG as their intro to the camapign.



"Don't forget where you came from boy." (As overheard from Wallace to Ben)

Originally a boom town during the Gold Rush, Basin city had many entrepreneurs who tried to make their fortune. While many of the miners, shop keepers and tavern owners did very well in the early days, the Roark family found a way to stake their claim, enhance their already large coffers, and maintain a hold on the city that has lasted until the present day.

After leaving the east coast to evade prosecution for various illegal and unethical businesses, Abe Roark and his small clan followed the Gold Rush west to Basin City so they could start fresh. In addition to his own political and business savvy, Roark brought a large number of women. Roark new that sin equaled money for those with the stomach for it, and as there were a lot of miners with money and lusts that needed to be taken care of, the women quickly became worth their weight in gold. Roark used his money and entrepreneurial skills to involve himself in various land grabs, mining investments and banking operations. He eventually obtained the title of Mayor in the twilight of his life.

Over the years the Roark family has insured their place in the political landscape of Basin City. Through various methods and means they have maintained their power and wealth as many other families rose and fell. While it is known that corruption is rampant in Basin City, and just about every famous family has more than one skeleton in their closet, the Roark's money and influence has spared them all but one public humiliation. Old Town.

Over the years the descendants of Abe Roark's whore houses (along with many new recruits) formed the district of Old Town, where the prostitutes live. While it provided a fair amount of money for those who were on the take, it also added to the corruption of the police force as bribes and hush money were spread in order to ensure that Old Town be undisturbed. Thus Basin City is noted for having a bar on every corner, a town of hookers and police who have little regard for the law.

It is well know that bringing up this particular portion of family history to a Roark is considered a very bad idea.


"Sure it's a shit hole, but it's MY shit hole. What I say here is law. And that's all that matters." (Sophia describing the importance of haven to a new childe)

Downtown: The section of Basin City that is more or less in the middle of all the other districts and is sometime called by the locals. Downtown is a fairly large section of the city and is the middle ground between rich and poor.

Little Saigon: A small section of the city that has been carved out by the various Asian racial groups who have made Basin City their home.

Old Town: This district is where the prostitutes live and work. The police are not welcome here, and will be driven off if they show up in uniform or in their cruisers - the girls of Old Town take care of their own. Any prostitute in Old Town is going to be well-armed.

The Projects: The run-down and poor side of Sin City. It is a tangle of high-rise apartments where crime runs rampant.

Sacred Oaks: This is where the rich and well-to-do live. Saint Pious University is also located here.

Famous Locations

"That arrogant shit -eating attitude may work in Sacred Oaks pal, but it'll only get your ass handed to you here." (Ben to a new vampire causing trouble in the Projects - just prior to setting him on fire)

Alamo: A brothel in Old Town.

Amigo: A homosexual bar in Old Town.

Benny's Place: The largest casino in town (located Downtown), as well as a popular nightclub with live music.

Club Pecos: A country bar Downtown.

Cornwell: Mental institution located Downtown.

Kadie's: A country bar on the edges of Downtown and the Projects, Kadie's is most noted for it’s dancers.

Langer's: A bar and grill in Downtown.

Luigi's Pontormo Bar (a.k.a. Luigi's): A popular dance club in Downtown near Sacred Oaks.

Magliozzi Mansion: Located in Sacred Oaks, this mansion is the home of Giacco Magliozzi. Most believe/know that this is a mob headquarters.

The Mission (a.k.a. Fortress Roark): This building in Sacred Oaks (just next to the Saint Pious Cathedral) is the home for Cardinal Roark, one of the most influential men in the city. The Roark family has many homes and properties in and out of Basin City, but the Mission and the Farm are their central meeting points.

Old Factory Complex: Located north of Basin City, this large area has been abandoned and scheduled for demolition for the past 10 years.

Roark Family Farm (a.k.a. The Farm): Located at North Cross and Lennox (just off of Hwy 139b), this farm has a quasi sinister reputation. The Roarks are one of the most powerful and influential families in Basin City and while everyone knows "things" happen there, though no one is quite certain what those things are. And not too many people are will to risk their necks to find out.

Triple Ace Club: This Old Town favorite is a place where those who have nothing left to lose go to gamble.

Major Powers and Influences

"You know me." (Attributed to Doc, having been found wherever his handiwork is evident)

The Colonel: It is unknown what he does exactly, though he is one of Wallenquist lieutenants. The Colonel might be British as he does have a slight accent. Rumors are that he is in charge of assassinations for Wallenquist, and helps train The Kraut's cadre of killers. He also has an extensive list of contacts and informants throughout Basin City and is involved in practically everything illegal, or at least knows about it.

Doc: This unknown person is said to be the only other major player in the battle for the underworld in Basin City. The name Doc is mentioned occasionally when a job goes bad, a gang member is killed when there was no known grudge or when the Mob finds themselves outwitted by the only good cop in a two mile radius. Doc is an enigma, and a nuisance. Word on the street is that the Roarks and Don Magliozzi would pay well to know who this person(s) is.

The Ladies of Old Town: The prostitutes of Old Town have an uneasy truce with everyone. At the moment they have an agreement with the police, and have been able to keep the Mafia and other criminal groups out of their section of the City. Aside from the Mafia and the Colonel's interests, a Tong once tried to muscle their way in.

The Mafia: Managed by Don Giacco Magliozzi, the local La Cosa Nostra is doing quite well in the shadow of the Roark family. There is some talk that the mob may actually be more powerful than the Roarks, but thus far it's not needed to be proven one way or the other.

Newspapers: The Basin City Tribune the largest newspaper and is owned and run by Harold Williamson (It's been in his family from the beginning). The Herald is the second larges and is owned by Cynthia Roark. The Tribune is noted to be more pro-Roark than the Herald.

The Police: The Police have a mish-mash of ownerships. Its as if the police union takes bids on who they will support/listen to and often work for all sides at once. Money talks to 90% of Basin City cops.

Public Transportation: The Airport is controlled by the Roark family while the subway and bus service is city owned. The trains are Mob controlled.

Radio and TV: Currently the local radio stations are owned by various businesses in Basin City with contracts for syndication and so on in place. There are two competing public radio style stations - Q92.5 "The Edge" and K99.4 "The Voice" - which have been doing quite well at exposing various elements of corruption i the city. The five local TV stations are controlled by the Roarks (2) and Albert McKinney (3).

The Roark Family: There is currently a Roark Cardinal who's home is the local Catholic cathedral (The Mission), there is a Roark mayor, a Roark senator, a Roark DA and a handful of Roark owned businesses and lots of police officers who are connected via blood or loyalty. While it could be argued that the Roark's are not as influential as they once were in Basin City, it can't be denied that they still have their hands in all aspects of Basin City life.

Wallenquist (a.k.a. "The Kraut"): This huge man appears only rarely, but is often mentioned by name. He runs a group of apparently well organized hit men for hire that do business for everyone who can afford them. Per overhead conversations and snippets of information, Wallenquist has men and women working all over the world. Word on the street is that most of his people don't know him directly and that any visitation from him is usually that last thing you see. He and the Mafia do not get along and are at war in a quiet fashion.

Who's Who - A List of Mortals

"Just a whore? You're new here ain't ya boy?" (Gail to a young kindred found feeding in Old Town)

Agamemnon: A professional photographer who is not above "dirty camera" work. He is short, fat, and ugly and he eats constantly.

Andrea Vittoria Magliozzi: Niece of Don Giacco Magliozzi.

Angie: An agent of Don Magliozzi's.

Benny: Thug for hire.

Bernard G. Zimmer: A private investigator.

Bibi: A highly-attractive model who keeps Basin City as her home.

Claire: She's a psychiatrist who works for the city. Her office is in Cornwell.

Connely: The "money man" Connely can launder just about anything you need.

Daisy: Carmen's very protective lover with an overdeveloped sense of vengeance.

Dallas: An Old Town prostitute. Noted for her 1940 Ford coupe (fully restored) and her twin .45 revolvers.

Damien Lord: Multimillionaire and married to Ava Lord

Detective Leibowitz: A crooked cop, who is very loyal to his family – a family that has no idea regarding his illicit and illegal side jobs.

Detective Lieutenant Jack Rafferty: Better known as "Iron Jack" in the papers as all of his arrests stick. Jack is Shellie's former (abusive) boyfriend. Has a small gang of undercover cops and bodyguards who follow him around when he's out on the town.

Eddie DuBois: A thief. Good at his job.

Fargo: A drug dealer. Name your poison and he can get it for you.

Gabriel Jones: Star player for the Basin City Blues basketball team.

Ed Gillerman: Editor of the Basin City Herald. Known for his hard attitude.

Gilbert George: Editor of the Basin City Tribune. Young and overworked.

Golda Liebowitz: Wife of Lieutentant Liebowitz

Gordo: A huge thug of the Colonel's. He is as strong as he is stupid.

Hannah Liebowitz: Lieutentant Liebowitz's daughter.

Josh Liebowitz: Lieutentant Liebowitz's son.

Josie: A bartender at Kadie's.

Kadie: Manager and owner of Kadie's, she's been described as a "sweet old transsexual." She has a lot of undworld contacts and friends who will help her out when needed.

Koontz: A bodyguard employed by Damien Lord.

Lenny: Thug for hire.

Lucca: A Mafia thug with a well known drinking problem.

Lucille: Defense Attorney and Parole Officer. She is very beautiful, honest and a lesbian.

Manuel: Runs a white slavery ring.

Maxine: The Colonel's pet "chemist," who is part of his slavery ring. She specializes in custom made narcotics for use in "truth" drugs to aid in brainwashing.

Morales: A rat who's not afraid to sell what he knows.

Mort: An honest cop who works Downtown.

Otto: Bartender at Luigi's Pontormo Bar. Well known for the size of his nose.

Phil: Used-car salesman who is recently being investigated for the death of his wife Donna.

Poppa: Owner of the restaurant “All-Night Dinner” in Downtown. He has a broken nose and a pistol slug in his rear from a failed robbery. Generally known as one of the nicest guys you could meet.

Spinelli: A Mafia thug noted for his chewing tobacco habit.

Telly Stern: A card dealer who runs the tables over at the Triple Ace Club

Who's Who - The Immortals

"There are lots of people in charge here Mr. Dawson. Some are just more lively then others." (Price Stephen to a mortal associate regarding the Roark's hold on the city)

This list is not extensive, but provides some of the most notable names of the vampires in Basin City.

Alexander: The head of the Nosferatu clan in Basin City, Alexander is a member of the Invictus covenant. He is a tall lanky man whose skin appears to be stretched over sharp edged bones and his thin, wispy white hair only adds to his old and skeleton like appearance. Even for a Nosferatu he is exceptionally disturbing to be around. He is knows to have a strange bond with Gail, and to get along well with the prince.

Ava Lord: A retired actress, this Deava has found a way to maintain her position within mortal high society. It's believed that she has some mystical "shield" that allows her to move amid these circles without detection. Some hint that even her husband has no idea. Ava is as aloof as she is beautiful, creating desire in just about anyone she wishes.

Ben: Gangrel (Brujah) who is one of Wallace's chief enforcers. Ben is the one who is called in to take care of dirty jobs that Wallace would rather not be involved in. Ben's overly tattooed body and shaved head makes him look the part of every bad story about the Brujah.

Carmen: An Old Town prostitute member of the Daeva clan.

Doctor Fredric: Medical doctor, and Mekhet clan vampire, who works for The Colonel.

Gail: From the Deava clan, Gail is six feet of athletic muscle and sensual form as well as the closest thing to a "boss" the girls of Old Town have. She also has a love/hate relationship with Alexander, the head of the Nosferatu clan. Knot-tying and dominance is her specialty, and she likes to smoke Russian cigarettes and drink European-styled coffee. She is known to operate out of The Alamo in Old Town.

Richard MacIntire: A short, fat and balding stuffy banker who runs the First National Bank. He is a recent addition to the city having come up from L.A. just five years ago. Other than the fact that he is Mekhet and stays pretty much to himself, the only other thing people know is that he is the unofficial lending institution for any vampire who needs cash.

Stephen Renquist - Prince of Basin City: A Ventrue of the Invictus Covenant, Stephen is a powerful leader who has held his position in Basin City for over 50 years. While he is not the most physically imposing of the undead in his city, he is the one who knows the most and has the most power and connections - both in the mortal and immortal worlds. Stephen is well over 100 years old, and has been in torpor once (some say he's due for another sleep soon) with his ever present chief council, Marilyn Stoke, running the city in his stead.

Stephen dresses and acts like a high priced lawyer, his hair is dark with streaks of silver at the temples and he is never without his cane (he has a slight limp in his left leg - no one is certain exactly what that injury is from). His calm voice and ability to always seem to know what you were going to say before you say it is very disarming.

Stephen runs the city from his offices at the top of the United Insurance building (the tallest in the city) which is basically a 25 story bunker with state of the art security and riddled with hidden rooms and secret passages.

Marilyn Stoke - The Prince's Council: The youthful looks of this shapely blonde haired Mekhet hide the ages of experience, razor sharp mind and cruel temper. It is a well known rumor that this Ordo Dracul follower has a long standing relationship with the various princes Basin City has had over the years. It's said that she may actually be the oldest vampire in the city, and some say she is actually one of the original Roark "ladies." It's also a well known fact that anyone discussing this rumor within earshot of Ms. Stoke have a tendency to end up regretting it deeply. Ms. Stoke is also the leader of the Mekhet clan in the city.

Sophia: One of the more powerful Nosferatu in the city, Sophia is noted for her horrid appearance and constant use of her Nightmare. Sophia's actual physical features are a mystery as no one has been able to (or wanted to badly enough) pierce through the Nightmare and layers of filth.

Wallace: The head of the Gangrel in Basin City, this former SEAL and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient is one of the leaders in the Circle of the Crone. His build is that of a man who constantly trains for survival and combat. While he dislikes the city and what it is doing to the wilds around it, he has accepted the role of Sheriff from the prince and has done a very good job at enforcing order when necessary.

Immortal Life - Being Dead in 'Sin City

"If you remember only one thing that I've told you, remember the thing you've already forgotten." (Alexander to a new Nosferatu)

The Basics
As is normally the case with the undead, there isn't a whole lot of trust or friendship between the vampires of Basin City. With the mortal world's corruption running as deeply as it does, it's only natural that the Dance of undead existence mirror it. Mistrust, cover up, lies within half-truths... all in a night's work for vampires in Sin City.

One of the most powerful methods of control and manipulation is secrets. You find a person's closet of skeletons and you have them in the palm of your hand. Sin City is a bastion for mortals and immortals alike who have any number of bad habits, vices and questionable histories. The Roaks, the Mob and other such groups have made it a major part of their business to know as much as possible about everyone they find "interesting."

One of the best known secrets in Basin City is that no one is certain who all the vampires are, or what the number of them is. There are rumored to be a number of persons in the various offices of power through the city that are vampires, but there is a disturbing lack of proof. And while Stephen rules as the prince and requires that all newly made vampires are brought to him, most are certain that there are plenty of things going on that he may not know about. Some feel that there is something(s) behind him that even he may not be aware of.

Getting around
The City has an airport and train station for in and outbound transport. Within the city is a subway and bus system for those who need public transportation. There is one east/west highway (Hwy 139) that leads in and out of the city, with a branch (Hwy 139b) that leads north of the city as well. 'B' dead ends about 100 miles out of the city due to a lack of funding for it's completion.

While the Roark's do own the airport, it's a fact among the undead that the Prince is in control of what goes in and out on the runways. Access is only denied to other Kindred if there is good reason - and it has been a very long time since the Prince has invoke such a ban.

The Mob, on the other hand, seems to get in the way of the Kindred all the time when it comes to the trains. It's uncertain if those in the Mob who control the trains actually do this on purpose or if it's just a case of bad luck. Regardless, most Kindred find it easier to just not bother with the trains.

The following are considered Elysium under the rule of the current Prince:
- United Insurance Building (where Stephen holds "court")
- Basin City Museum of Natural History
- Basin City Memorial Library
- Benny’s Place
- Kadie's
- Luigi's Pontormo Bar
- The Mission

Underground (literally)
The subways and the sewer systems within Basin City are a massive maze of tunnels, dead ends, unused or abandoned tracks and homeless shanties. Sophia of the Nosferatu is the undisputed ruler of this domain.

While Alexander does lead the Nosferatu in any city politics or inner clan workings, he allows his second in command, Sophia, to take care of the "dirty" side of the city due to her pre-disposition for such things. However, there is reason for Alexander to fear his underling. It is a fact that there are a number of ghouls and other vampires who also make their homes in the sewers, and they all look to Sophia as their leader.

While all Covenants are represented within Basin City, not every kindred is a member. The Covenants act much like the mortal secret societies (e.g. Masons). Everyone knows there are there, and many claim membership, but no one knows exactly what these kindred get up to at their meetings.

The Prince has not forbidden any Covenants in his city, with his only edict being that all obey the traditions and rules (especially Elysium). The prince has also offered to act as arbitrator for any issues that may arise between Covenants. Most others see this as a poorly veiled Invictus plot to control and spy on them.

These mortal thralls are normally used as messengers, daytime helpers and protectors as well as personal servants and informants. Currently, there is no limit on the number of Ghouls that any vampire can have in Basin City. The Prince has attempted to put sanctions in place before, but such edicts have never stuck.

As it is costly to make ghouls, most kindred don't have more than a couple of them at any one time. It is true that some fo the elder Daevas and other social climbers do have quite a few more to aid in their status seeking, but it's expensive and time consuming to maintain too many ghouls at one time. Thus, in general, most vampires will have one or two ghouls at most.

As to how ghouls are treated, they are second class citizens at best and tortured slaves at worst. They are normally treated as better than other mortals as they are on the inside of the undead world, but they are never fully trusted as there are too many tales of ghouls turning on their masters to allow them too much inside info. Most see them as tools and treat them as such.

Most kindred in Basin City who are members of a Bloodline aren't open about it, and many of the parent clans aren't very pleased if/when such turn up either. While in some areas Bloodlines are seen as an interesting spice or natural progression of the vampiric evolution, many in Basin City see them as a threat to their safety.

As there are already a fair number of kindred wandering the night streets and alleyways, the freakishness that many of the bloodlines bring with them causes the thin veil of secrecy to be threatened. Bloodlines have a number of "defects" - to quote Stephen - and such defects have a tendency to attract attention. As such the Prince is not fond of them, and often holds the elders of the parent clan responsible for any breaches of etiquette or rule transgressions that the bloodline kindred may cause.


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