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Lucy in the Summer

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Early in the summer of 2020 I got some new neighbors across the alleyway. Very busy at creating large gardens and such (I actually felt sorta bad for the fella; watching him from my chairs ....this was before I had the patio ... and thinking, wow thats alot of work). Well, apparently they have at least one chicken too. I call her Lucy.

I sit in my yard quite a bit and read. I have lots of birds, some chipmunks that bother the hello kitty out me every morning at 5:30 AM (its so odd that I used to be almost to Stevens Point each day by 5:30 AM) with this horrendous chirping and I am very tempted to introduce them to Grandma's bucket trap but so far have not, squirrels, a bunch of rabbits including this little bitty one that I think isn't quite right in the head cause its not afraid of me at all and often hangs out by my chair as I read. And now I have Lucy.

Day one I was reading and thought I noticed some movement at the edge of yard. I did, I did notice some movement. A chicken. Wait, a what? Yup, thats a chicken. Watched for a while then slowly approached to say hi, of which she was having none of that aad scooted back thru my gate to her yard.

Day two I was out there again, reading when I noticed movement really close to me. Chickens are like ninjas, I had no idea how silent they were. Apparently, over the night, she decided I was ok and since I was sitting next to all this nice new grass seed, which btw the chipmunk and rabbit were currently eating. This is another thing I just learned. Critters really like grass seed. So I've got the annoying chipmunk, the not right in the head rabbit and now Lucy all gathered around eating my grass seed, hanging out like buds. And not one of them is able to get me a drink refill. Pics and Youtube vid below ... chickens also like toes, or at least my toes. So if you are squeamish about animals biting toes you might not want to watch. So many new things I learned this last weekend.

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