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Me and Wolvie - BPC-157

I tend to be a fan of minor (to moderate?) bio hacking. What is out there as a supplement, a superfood, a vitamin, an injection, etc that can boost this or slow down the aging of that or heal/positively affect all of those.

Few years back I ran across BPC-157 and peptides in general. Heal like Wolverine was the first article I ran across. Supposed to help with the healing of joints and a bunch of other things. At the time it came only in powder form that you had to mix then inject. I had what I thought was joint pain in my elbow that would not go away and was significantly interfering with my workouts. Later turned out to be due to a shoulder muscle injury that was in my back. BPC-157 may or may not have helped with getting that all under control and healed.

What it does do, and which at the time seemed to be only hearsay, is make you sober. As in going from three sheets to the wind to fine in something less than hour. I keep thinking this should be a plot device in some movie. A crew needs its critically skilled member for a soon to be very urgent situation but said member of the crew is an alcoholic and his minder (who also has skills but of a different sort) got distracted by a pretty girl so the critical skills guy raids the liquor cabinet and blammo he's toast. Enter the "leader" who is now mad at the guy who got distracted but, since he's the leader, had planned for this anyway and had a contingency plan. BPC-157.


Here's what happened to me the first time. I later tested this again multiple times to make sure I could confirm it, which I did.

It was a warm night. I was alone and would be for a few days and I started to drink vodka. Drank a fair amount of it. With the full intention of getting so inebriated that I would stagger to bed and hopefully fall into the bed. Not an uncommon evening for me at the time. I probably drank about a half bottle of vodka. Maybe a tad more. I was lit! My BPC-157 routine was to inject myself each night before bed. Handling needles and doing self-injections was probably not the wisest move but I kinda started the night with bad decision making so at least I was being consistent. At the time I knew the real inebriation was right around the corner. I was at that point where I knew I had drank alot but it hadn't quite hit me in full. But would very very soon. So injected BP-157 and then staggered to bed. Lights out time.

Not sure of the time frame ... 15m maybe? I realized I was still awake and not really feeling like I was sliding into darkness - as I had planned. Shortly after that got up and decided to watch television. Then I decided I wanted to read. I no longer felt intoxicated. At all. I felt fine. BPC-157 totally took my intoxication away.

As I mentioned, I tested this again and again and each time it fought off intoxication. Back to comics ... Thinking of the level of Wolverine's healing factor, I don't think he could ever actually get drunk.

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