• Leonard Armitage

Lenny Meets Dracula

I am actor. I've always known this, to various degrees in my life. Its what I love to do th most. Its what I think I do the best at in this life. One my favorite things to do at anytime is to rehearse, be backstage at a theatre, be on stage in the lights, interact with other actors and the audience, etc etc. After a long hiatus from the stage I started acting again with our local community theatre and then ... pandemic and everything shut down. Stages, at this moment, remain closed. Theatre across the nation struggled with ways to continue to perform, to continue to deliver the theatre arts.

Wausau Community Theatre decided to put on a radio drama - Dracula! I have forever wanted to do voice acting and landed the role of Jonathan Harker. Loved every second of it and hopefully get more opportunities to do some voice acting in the future.

All episodes of the radio drama are available at Podbean, Apple Music and other major podcast delivery systems.

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